A Garden Enclosed, A Fountain Sealed:

Hortus Conclusus
Anthony Lyman-Dixon

Derek Jarman's Garden
Peter Johnson

Hypertext Gardens: Delightful Vistas
Mark Bernstein

The Poetics of Gardens
Charles Willard Moore, William J. Mitchell, William Turnbull

Scents of the Middle Ages: Uses of the Aromas of Herbs, Spices and Resins
Jadwiga Zajaczkowa (Jennifer Heise)

The Enclosed Garden and Female Religious Identity
Hannah Lucas

Medieval and Renaissance Gardens
Notes from a class presented at the Society for Creative Anachronism

What to grow in a Medieval herb garden

A bibliography of material available on agricultural practices in the Middle Ages

Ripe Not to Reason:

Rabelaine and His World
Mikhail Bakhtin

"Bomarzo: A Study in Personal Imagery"
Lynette M.F. Bosch

The Monster in the Garden: The Grotesque and the Gigantic in Renaissance Landscape Design
Luke Morgan

The Iconography of the Mouth of Hell
Gary D. Schmidt

Michel Tournier

“The grotesque is a mode that is first and foremost about crossing into a different and transformative order of reality, and second about the unexpected recombinations of events, objects, species, we encounter once we are inside ... We crawl into our hole—in the grotto, the Symmes Hole, the black hole of the cosmos, the hole in our heads—in the unspoken and often unconscious hope of undergoing deep change.”
— Victoria Nelson, The Secret Life of Puppets